Otto Graham - Photo Gallery
1950-56 Cleveland Browns (NFL)
Otto (5) and receiver Dub Jones (30) practice for 1952 pro-bowl after season in Los Angeles.
Otto's son, Stevie, died jsut days before this photo was taken.
Sneaker Game against L.A. Rams. Browns won 30-28. First year in NFL - expansion team - 4 yr. champ of AAFC

Famous pix - famous game
1950 NFL Championship w/ L.A. Rams in Cleveland. Cleveland won on Lou 'the Toe" Groza field goal. Otto running on frozen field wearing Converse All-Star "sneakers. Dante Lavelli throwing his favorite block in background.

1952 Browns vs. Redskins. Otto passing from pocket.
Otto & Dub Jones, HOF receiver preseason game 1954-55. Great Photo!!
Otto passing wearing newly designed face mask by Paul Brown who holds patent. 1953
Paul Brown invented face mask after this 1953 game with San Fran 49ers.

Otto elbowed out of bounds. Left losing game in 2nd quarter. Came out of lockerroom in 3rd, stitched, and played the rest of the game

1953. Coach Paul Brown (R) invented the face mask to protect Otto's mouth injury vs. San Francisco. 49ers.
First bar comprised of plastic.
Otto passing in 1954 NFL Champions Day.
Family photo - Sandy's 5th birthday 1953
L to R: Duey, Dave, Otto, Sandy, Bev
Family -early 50s
L to R: Bev, Kay (Foster daughter), Sandy, Otto. Sitting: Dave (L), Boots (center), Duey (R)
Motorola Promo pix 1953
L to R: Otto, Bev, Duey, Sandy, Dave
Motorola TV publicity shot. Otto endorsed.
L to R: Otto, Duey, Dave, Bev, Sandy
Duey and Sandy with Dante Lavelli pre-season game. 1954-55
Family 6 acre home in Willoughby Hills, Ohio during final years of Otto's playing career & beyond. '54-'59 when moved to Connecticut. Otto -highest paid player in NFL at $25,000.
L to R: Sandy, Bev, Duey, David, Otto, Boots (Boston Terrier)
Otto smiling in uniform - RARE!!!!! 1955-56
1953. Waukegan Homecoming Band Alumni, 4 brothers and Dad
L to R: Richard, Victor, Otto Sr., Eugene, Otto Jr.
Paul Brown smiles after 56-10 win over the Detroit Lions for the World's Championship and pats his star quarterback Otto Graham on the back. It was tehe first win for the Cleveland Browns over the Lions coached under Buddy Parker. Otto retired after this game but was talked into one more season by Brown. They won again.
Otto and Philadelphia Eagle's Bobby Thompson at 1954 pro Bowl following 1953 season.
1955 Otto awarded 1955 Rae Hickock Belt as Best Athlete in USA- All Sports. Mickey Mantle won in 1956.
1954 Championship game vs. Detroit Lions. otto scored final running TD of his career in win. Otto Graham (14), Cleveland Browns' QB, skirts his left end on first play of game with Steelers for a six yard gain to his 41 yard line. Steeler coming in from left for tackle is (76) Willie McClung. For Browns are (52) Frank Gataski, & (74) John Sandusky.
1954. Paul Brown, Bev, Otto
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