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Paul Brown, legendary coach of the NFL Cleveland Browns, once said, “If a quarterback is judged by how many times he leads his team to a title game, how could Otto Graham not be considered the greatest player of all time.”

Otto Everett Graham, Jr. quarterbacked the Browns for ten years and played in ten title games, winning seven; eight when you add his basketball title. A College All-American in football and basketball, Otto broke his first record at birth and, even after his death in 2003, his continuing legacy makes him one of the world’s most gifted all-around athletes. Through all of Otto’s accomplishments on the field and off, he was a humble and quintessential ‘guy next door’ family man. A constant fan favorite, Otto took pride in his integrity, yet never took himself too seriously.

His is a remarkable story, one his family is proud to share.

****All offered merchandise, including bookplates for OttoMatic, were signed by Otto prior to his passing and are the real deal.****